Seth Rogen And Snoop Dogg Watch ‘Game Of Thrones,’ And IT IS AWESOME

We would totally watch this show every week too, Seth.

There are things in life that are perfect just the way they are. Like, say, Skittles, or the original "Star Wars" trilogy. And then there are perfect things that are made more perfect with some, well, enhancements.

Let's just say that when Snoop Dogg invited Seth Rogen over to his place on Friday to film a recap of last week's "Game of Thrones" episode, their expert commentary was... hazy. But first, a warning, in addition to the copious product placement on Snoop's show, let's just say that the Big Dogg is not that concerned with actual character names and such, so just try to follow along.

All that said, Snoop clearly knows his Westeros and we agree with Seth, HBO should totally put a Snoop update on each week before new episodes. [Warning: offensive language, stoned ramblings, way too much speculation on what's going on beneath the Unsullied's loincloths.]