Danielle Fishel Gets All Kindsa Mushy After 'Girl Meets World' Wraps Filming

Topanga let the love flow on Instagram after Season 1's final curtain call.

T-minus one month (to the day!) until "Girl Meets World" premieres, and the cast of the "Boy Meets World" spin-off shared all sortsa sentimental feelings on social media this past weekend after filming officially wrapped.

"So many tears. So many smiles. So much I've learned," Rowan Blanchard, who plays Cory and Topanga's daughter, tweeted. The young actress also shared a snapshot on Instagram of the last curtain call of the season, along with a heartfelt message: "This cast and crew is a family. One. I love you all so much and I cannot believe how much I have learned from each and every one of you. I have never met a group whose hearts are as big as their talent. Here’s to many more years of being a family." The Matthews done raised this lady right!

Rowan Blanchard's Instagram

Danielle Fishel also didn't miss a chance for a final photo-op with her onscreen fam. "My girls and me. This photo may be in black and white but our friendship is all of the colors of the rainbow. #Season1isawrap," the "GMW" matriarch captioned the silly pic below.

Danielle Fishel's Instagram

The series' "BMW" ties have certainly helped it build a solid following way before its debut, and it seems the show's producers don't want to leave their legions of loyal fans hanging for a whole month without giving us a special parting gift: a new trailer!

Enjoy it, and before "Girl Meets World" premieres June 27, catch up on Cory and Topanga's love story with "Boy Meets World" reruns weekdays from 12/11c-2/1c on MTV2.

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