Hayley Williams Speaks Up About Ex-Paramore Drummer's New Video

The 'Ain't It Fun' singer praises HalfNoise's 'Mountain' on Twitter.

Still reeling from Paramore's sudden lineup change back in 2010? Here's something that will cheer you up. Also, walk it off.

On May 26, former Paramore drummer Zac Farro released a new music video for his project, HalfNoise. Directed by Aaron Joseph, "Mountain" cuts between closeups of Farro, scenes where he's performing in front of a white wall as sweeping imagery is projected over him, and aerial shots of what looks to be the mountainous landscape of New Zealand.

[gdm_video source="youtube" video_id="X9rMNCW3lnA" url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9rMNCW3lnA"]

"In August of 2013, I went back to New Zealand and spent 7 months writing and recording the new HalfNoise album," Farro shares in the YouTube video's description. "I wanted to experience life somewhere other than Nashville, Tenn and wanted to know how my writing would change being in such an amazing and beautiful place.

"I knew the trip would be exciting, but didn't know it would be as life changing for me as it was," he continues. "I wouldn't have been able to write the album I did had I not spent that time there." In concluding, Farro also reveals the title of said full-length LP: Volcano Crowe.

But, do you know what's even more exciting than that? Ummm, how about the fact that Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams has totally co-signed HalfNoise's new track?

Like, you don't just throw around that applause Emoji lightly, you know? Here's what the rest of Twitter is saying about HalfNoise's "Mountain" video.