'16 And Pregnant' Poll: Can Aleah And Shawn Make It Work Despite Living Apart?

The couple fought constantly over financial issues, which eventually led to an ultimatum.

On Monday's episode of “16 and Pregnant,” we met Aleah, a former wild child who settled down after meeting her boyfriend, Shawn, at juvenile detention. Aleah was initially unsure about dating Shawn because he had a son from a previous relationship, but she soon grew to love little Noah, which made it easier to step into a maternal role when she found out she was expecting.

Aleah, a Type 1 diabetic, wanted to live with her mother during her pregnancy, but she chose to stay with Shawn’s family so he could be closer to his job. Unfortunately, the decision seemed to cause nothing but stress for the mother-to-be, especially when Shawn kept racking up more and more debt by repeatedly getting traffic tickets...and forgetting to pay them on time. Throughout Aleah’s pregnancy -- and even after Baby Peyton was born -- money became the focus of all the young couple’s arguments and these issues eventually led to Aleah giving Shawn an ultimatum: “If you get another speeding ticket, we are done.”

Shawn promised to keep his foot off the gas, but soon afterwards, he got pulled over for going 69 mph in a 50 mph zone, which earned him yet another citation. Staying true to her word, Aleah packed up her and Peyton's things, and they moved to her mom’s house. Shawn apologized the very next day and Aleah forgave him, but it wasn’t without consequence.

“So here’s the plan. I’m gonna live here with Peyton and I guess you’re gonna live with Noah at your mom’s until we can get our own place,” Aleah explained. “And hopefully you and Noah can be here as much as you can because I don’t want [Peyton] to be raised without you.”

“Our relationship has to go both ways, I guess,” Shawn said, disappointed. “At least until we get our own place so we both can get on the same road.”

+ Do you think Aleah and Shawn will be able to keep their family together if they’re living apart? Weigh in, and make sure to download the MTV app for extended sneak peeks of the rest of the season.

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