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Watch Nicki Minaj's First Lyric Video For 'Pills N Potions'

Lyric video number two arrives shortly.

Nicki Minaj finally unleashed the single "Pills N Potions" from her anticipated third album last week, and she followed that with an accompanying lyric video this weekend.

The clip features the full lyrics to The Pink Print single (maybe she was just tired of everyone misquoting her), along with some still shots of, well...pills and alcoholic potions.

According to Nicki's tweet another lyric video will follow shortly -- because, if you're gonna do it, might as well do it big.

"Pills N Potions" has continued to climb the charts since it was released, and Nicki has continued to share her successes via Instagram, even posting snapshots of the positive reviews that she's received.

No release date for been announced for The Pink Pink as yet, but in the meantime there's plenty to look forward to -- including the official video for "Pills N Potions." If the teaser video is any indication fo what's to come, this one will probably be a big hit.