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Watch Harry Styles Pulls Piers Morgan's Pants Down. It's Awesome.

Watch out, Harry.'Revenge will be sweet.'

Ah Tuesday, the new Monday. And if you're having those Monday blues, here's something just delightfully evil enough that will have you snarking your way throughout the day.

At a charity football challenge raising money for Irish Autism Auction, One Direction bad boy Harry Styles ran over to newsman Piers Morgan and pulled his shorts down! [Snooty British voice] How preposterous and improper!

The sneak.

But don't worry. Morgan, whose team won against Styles' and bandmate Niall Horan's team, has something of his own planned in response. Probably when we least expect it.

At least they're not trying to trend "Piers Morgan is smelly" again. Although, that too would be hilarious.

The fake beef between Piers Morgan and 1D is probably one of my favorite things.