‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Recap: Bambi Versus Pinky

Bambi and Pinky battle for Scrappy's love.

By Maurice Bobb

The line between love and hate on this current season of “Love & Hop Hop Atlanta” must be getting pretty thin, because the fists just keep on flying.

On the under card this week was the continuation/aftermath of Karlie Redd and Yung Joc’s realtor-turned-side piece’s love TKO from last week’s episode. The ladies’ legs were still akimbo and their arms were still flailing while a dumbfounded Joc tried to make sense of it all.

“Got damn, all hell done broke loose,” he said. “This may be the dumbest sh-- I ever did.”

Sounds a bit hyperbolic, Joc, but we’ll take your word for it.

Lil Scrappy and Bambi were still dealing with the miscarriage she recently suffered; so they took a walk in the park to wax poetic about love, loss and the merits of Baby Mama-hood. Scrap agreed with his Momma Dee that the couple should try to get pregnant again, but the Bam balked, telling the rapper she wanted to talk marriage before going half on a baby.

Tammy and Joseline attempted to be BFFs while shopping, but it failed miserably because the self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess” wouldn’t stop throwing shade about Tammy’s relationship with Waka Flocka Flame.

Mimi Faust defended her sex tape, again, on a spa date with Tammy and Rasheeda.

Hip-Hop Weekly owner Benzino ignored Journalism 101. After breaking the story of Stevie J and Joseline's wedding, Dawn and Mimi urged him to investigate further, claiming the the couple's nuptials were a farce. “As far as I’m concerned, if Sleez says he’s married, he’s married,” ‘Zino proclaimed.

Rasheeda, on the other hand, went “CIA-FBI mole” on Jasmine, the waitress who she suspects is sleeping with her husband. At the end of her interrogation, she concludes that there is no affair going on.

The main event, however, took place at Scrap’s “Dirty 30” birthday party. Momma Dee and Bambi were on hand, showing Scrap some G-Day love, before things went all the way left after Pinky’s arrival.

Earlier in the episode Meanwhile, Scrap went to Pinky’s house for some advice about his relationship with Bambi. Irked that Pinky knew all of her business (and charged up by Momma Dee’s meddling), the Bam decked Pinky with a right cross that would have made Floyd Mayweather jealous. Bouncers hauled Pinky out of the club before she could retaliate.

Guess it’s not really a party in the ATL until one girl sucker punches another, because the party kept on rolling like nothing had happened.

“Nobody takes a sucker punch swing at me baby,” Pinky said.

Looks like round two of Pinky vs The Bam is as good as set for next week.

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. on VH1.