Jennifer Lawrence Just Wants To Dance With Somebody

Learn the 'Mockingjay' star's go-to karaoke hit.

By day, the Cannes Film Festival is a non-stop whirlwind of socializing, screenings, and photocalls -- but when the night falls? Jennifer Lawrence's lonely heart calls... for classic late-1980s dance-pop ballads.

A reporter from Variety happened to be in attendance at Lionsgate's "Mockingjay" party in Cannes last week, where he spotted the movie star in her natural element: wearing couture and wildly lip-synching to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody," along with leading man and longtime friend Josh Hutcherson. The two were cordoned off along with Liam Hemsworth behind a velvet rope in the party's VIP section, although Liam apparently didn't share his co-stars' enthusiasm for retro dance hits; he saved his moves for "Blurred Lines."

Meanwhile, there are two obvious conclusions to be drawn from this incident: First, that Jennifer Lawrence is the most fun to party with, ever.

And second, that we desperately need an official karaoke tour featuring the "Hunger Games" cast performing their favorite old-school songs, in character. The entire Whitney Houston songbook would be saved for J-Law and Josh, obviously -- imagine the perfection of J-Hutch as Peeta singing "How Will I Know"?! -- but that still leaves Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" wide open for Prim, "Mr. Roboto" for Beetee and Wiress, "Gin & Juice" for Haymitch. And of course, for President Snow, a soulful rendition of "The Rose."