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Austin Mahone Reveals 'The Secret' Of His Craziest Fan Encounter

Things got weird.

When you're a superstar singer like Austin Mahone, you're bound to run into some wild and weird fans along the way. Case in point: the time one of Austin's "Mahomies" jumped inside his vehicle.

On Memorial Day, Mahone appeared on "The Today Show" for a live performance, with just hours to go before the arrival of his new album, "The Secret." Before hitting the stage, Austin joined "Today Show" correspondent Carson Daly to field some video questions submitted by fans on Instagram, including a question asking about his craziest fan encounter.

"One time this girl hopped in my car when I was on my way driving home from a show," he remembered. "And I looked over and I was like, 'I've never seen you before. What are you doing?'"

What could have been the start of one of the weirdest real-life romantic comedies ended before it really began.

"I had to," Austin said when asked if he asked the girl to leave his car. "I couldn't just take her home!"

Maybe, maybe not — that's a debate for another time. What's not up for debate is the fact that Mahone's "The Secret" will be available in its entirety, for Mahomies far and wide, at midnight tonight.