Netflix Mulling 'Wet Hot American Summer' 10-Episode Prequel: Report

It tastes like a burger, but we still like it.

Just in time for the beginning of your very own wet, hot, American (or international, hello world!) summer, unofficially marked by Memorial Day, comes news about your favorite seasonal movie, "Wet Hot American Summer."

Netflix is in talks to produce a 10-episode prequel series, Variety reports.

The plan to resurrect the legendary Camp Firewood from 2001's David Wain cult classic would be much like the strategy used for the "Arrested Development" series comeback.

The cast, which includes boldface names such as Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper and Amy Poehler, among many, many others, is said to be in talks to return for a few episodes each, in scenes that would only require a few days of work at a time.

For those who worry about the age of the actors nearly a decade and a half after the movie, and in a prequel no less, we'd like to remind you that Rudd was playing a high schooler when he was 32. Also, the dude doesn't age. So there's that.

Netflix hasn't commented officially, nor has Universal Pictures, which put out the movie, but our fingers are crossed.

Suffice to say, if this is just a beautiful rumor and doesn't actually come to fruition, we'll be all like: