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Morgan Freeman's Voice Plus Helium Equals The Best Video You'll See Today

This would have made 'The Love Guru' so much more bearable.

By Shaunna Murphy

What's the only thing better than the soothing sound of Morgan Freeman's famous baritone voice? Why, the sound of Morgan Freeman's famous baritone voice after he's ingested a balloon full of helium, of course!

That's right — at the top of Friday's (May 23) list of things you never knew you needed but actually really did is this Science Channel video of Freeman talking about science in a baby voice. It's for the docuseries "Through the Wormhole" which is usually narrated by Freeman in his normal voice, but we'd be far more inclined to tune in if every episode was like this.

Does anyone else think he should do the "get busy livin'" speech from "Shawshank Redemption" next?