Where Will Kim And Kanye Honeymoon? We've Got 8 (Very Normal) Suggestions

Since their wedding was so over-the-top here are some normal honeymoon hot spots.

By Brenna Ehrlich and Christina Garibaldi

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West pulled out all the stops for their lavish wedding: a brunch with Valentino, a tour of Versailles and a picturesque wedding in Florence.

And now it's on to the honeymoon. Now, we have no idea where Kimye plan to have a little R&R, but since their wedding was so over-the-top, we were thinking they could go on a relatively normal honeymoon.

Here are some suggestions!

1). Disneyland

Sad Kanye in Mickey ears is a meme that needs to happen.

2). Jersey Shore

Kim and Kanye fist-pumping all over the Boardwalk, now that's a sight I would want to see.

3). Graceland

I could totally see Kimye chilling with Elvis, hip shaking into the Tennessee night...

4). Niagara Falls

Kimye has already done that whole zip-lining thing -- why not try bungee jumping at Niagara Falls?

A couple that hurtles toward what seems to be certain death together, stays together.

5). A Cruise

Being trapped on a boat with a bunch of tourists in the middle of the ocean seems like something that Kanye would really enjoy.

6). Cross-Country Road Trip

Kanye and Kim take turns driving hours upon hours in a car, stopping at rest stops, fighting over the radio. This seems like something they would love.

7). Double-Deck Tour Bus In Times Square

They could take a snap with the Naked Cowboy! What fun!

8). Mount Rushmore

Only the most majestic of American landmarks can contain Kanye's greatness.