Mysteryland 2014 Vs. Woodstock 1969: A Comparison In Photos

This past weekend, music fans from all over the country flocked to the site of Woodstock for an entirely different music festival: Mysteryland, an international electronic festival that was just welcomed to the States this year.

There are obvious differences between Mysteryland and 1969’s Woodstock — music genre, fashion, decor and festival culture — but some things do remain the same. Festivalgoers maintain the “peace and love” of Woodstock, they still camp onsite to encourage the feeling of community, and, most importantly, these festivals are still a place people feel like they can go to come together.

See for yourself how things have changed since Woodstock.

The Tents

The Fashion

The Crowd

The Performances

The Decor

The Accommodations

The Stages

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