Miley Cyrus' Instagram (@mileycyrus), James Franco's Instagram (@jamesfrancotv)

Why Did Miley Cyrus Do This To James Franco's Selfie?

The words -- they have escaped us.

There are a bunch of weird things you can do with an Instagram selfie, and, like, James Franco's probably tried about half of 'em.

But, here's something I just can't figure out: Why did Miley Cyrus add these cartoon touches to this shirtless photo of the actor/director/writer/poet/author/student of life/actual student/selfie king?

Seriously, WHY?!

Miley Cyrus' Instagram (@mileycyrus), James Franco's Instagram (@jamesfrancotv)

I mean, the "Adore You" singer has been decorating her Instagram uploads with animals, fruits, sparkles, and giant cartoon eyes lately -- see those terrifying bathtub selfies from earlier this week. Maybe she ran out of her own photos and had to look elsewhere?

But then, why go all the way back to this shirtless, in-bed selfie from almost a month ago, which the "The Is The End" star captioned: "APPLE SLICES IN MY BED - I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDNT SHOW UP!" Unless... Do you think that Miley's the "YOU" he's addressing?? Why didn't you eat his apple slices, Miley?! THEY LOOK DELICIOUS.

Or not. I don't know anymore. Bye.