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Did Adele And Miley Cyrus Make Wiz Khalifa's Blacc Hollywood? Find Out

One out of two ain't bad.

Wiz Khalifa blew our musical minds when he announced that both Miley Cyrus and Adele would appear on his upcoming Blacc Hollywood album. We already know what Khalifa and Miley can do, they've linked up on a number of occasions. But if you're waiting on Wiz and Adele to get together, you will have to wait just a little longer.

"That didn't make the album... Maybe we'll get to do a remix or something," Wiz told

According to the "Black & Yellow" rapper, his planned song with the 21 singer was just an idea that didn't quite get off the ground. Smilers will be thrilled however. "Yeah, I got a song with Miley on the album. It's amazing," he confirmed.

Before Khalifa drops Blacc Hollywood later this year, he plans to gift his fans with 28 Grams, a free online mixtape. While he speaks highly of his tape, Wiz has the utmost confidence in his upcoming long player.

“I feel like Blacc Hollywood is my best, most solid effort, because I’m happy with everything that’s going into it and how I project it to come out even before the CD even comes out,” he told MTV News over the weekend. “I’m most confident in this one, [more] than I’ve ever been in any of my albums.”

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