KITTIES. Oh, And Billy Corgan Is There, Too

Look at that smile.

It's Friday, which means your brain is likely leaking out of your ears and pooling around your feet. You'll probably slip in that brain goo later and fall flat on your face (in the goo!) in front of all your co-workers/classmates and they will laugh and laugh...

Well, before all that inevitable awkwardness goes down, look at this picture of Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan cheesing it up with some cats. LOOK AT IT.

Corgan raised $60,000 for PAWS -- the organization he's repping on its publication's cover up yonder -- by auctioning off a charity concert, which is a thing that is important.

What's also important, though, is that these two little kitties -- which Corgan got from PAWS -- are named Sammi and Mr. Thom and that the normally stony-faced musician just grins and grins whilst covered in cats.

Let's all go out and adopt some kitties this weekend, shall we?