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Iggy Azalea's Grandpa Doesn't Have A 'Problem' With Her 'DWTS' Fail

'She carried on unfazed, a real professional,' gramps said of his darling Amethyst.

When you fall down, or screw up your vocals on national TV, there are a few people you can count on. One of them is your grandfather. Just ask Iggy Azalea, who got some support from her grandpops on Thursday, two days after an appearance on "Dancing with the Stars" on Tuesday when her earpieces weren't working. In case you missed it, Iggy started the song and then stumbled over the lyrics, apologizing to the audience at the top of her "Fancy" performance.

Iggy addressed the issue head-on just after the show with a "s--- happens" tweet, and on Friday morning (May 23) her grandpa weighed in.

"I have the sweetest grandfather of all time," she wrote next to a note from 'pops, who goes by "GrayHam" in his post. "He used to work in television so he understood my ear phone problem which makes everyone who didn't not matter anymore."