Need To Know: Rihanna Tries To Restrain Herself After Charlie Sheen’s Angry Tweet

Plus, all the details on Kimye's wedding and Leonardo DiCaprio's expensive trip to space.

Can’t A Girl Just Eat?
Charlie Sheen took to Twitter to rant about Rihanna on Thursday, calling her “the Village idiot” after she allegedly refused to take a picture with his girlfriend at a restaurant. The “Rude Boy” singer decided against going all ’bad gal Riri’ on the brash actor. Instead, she tweeted a hilarious photo of herself holding herself back. You have to see it to understand. …

Leonardo DiCaprio Auctions Off Expensive Space Trip
Leo auctioned off a trip to space with him in 2015 for an astronomical number: almost $1 million! The “Wolf of Wall Street” star participated in a celebrity charity event outside Cannes; proceeds go to AIDS research.

Kimye’s Big Day Is Tomorrow
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be bound in holy matrimony Saturday in Italy. So on one of her last nights as a single woman, Kim and a group of her girlfriends painted the town rouge red (pardon my French). See the bachelorette party photos!

Tupac’s Final Words
The murder of Tupac Shakur got a little less mysterious after retired Las Vegas policeman Chris Carroll — the last person to speak to ’Pac — came forward and revealed the rapper’s last words were simple: “F–k you.”

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