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Snooki's Unofficial Guide To Taking The Perfect Baby Bump Selfie

Please allow the MTV star to tutor you in pregnancy photography.

Nicole Polizzi is certainly relishing her "breezy" second pregnancy (if all expecting ladies could be so lucky), and making sure to capture every moment of her burgeoning baby bump's growth on film. The pint-sized guidette, who is having a girl this fall, is a bona fide pro when it comes to snapping selfies that showcase both her bare and clothed belly. To all of those preggers women out there -- looking at you, Mila Kunis -- if you want to follow in this hot mama's footsteps and take magazine cover-worthy photos of your expanding tummy, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Snooki's Celebuzz Site

1. Go for the profile view.

If you're in the early stages of pregnancy, that bun in the oven will be much easier to spot from a side-view. In the above three-month bump shot, Snooki could pass for either pregnant or gassy. (It was probably both.)

2. Wear formfitting attire.

The goal is to flaunt your changing figure, so body-hugging clothing works best. Snooki is a fan of stretchy, low-cut yoga pants or leggings to ensure she is properly showcasing her midriff.

Snooki's Celebuzz Site

3. Time of day does matter.

The 17-week bun in the oven update above was strategically snapped in the AM. "I can tell way more in the morning because my bladder is full and pushes the baby out more!" the mom to one-year-old Lorenzo wrote.

Snooki's Celebuzz site

4. Stand up straight.

Remember what your mom told you when you were young: No slouching! One technique Snooki often uses is to rest one hand on her waist to better accentuate her curves. Works like a charm!

5. Smile!

Snooki, for one, is a fan of a subtle smize. Do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable in the moment, but frowning is forbidden. It is, after all, one of the most exciting times in a woman's life!

Photo courtesy of Snooki's Instagram