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Bella Thorne Responds To Miley And Selena Comparisons: 'I Really Don't Care'

The Disney star says she's carving out her own path.

By Shaunna Murphy

If it makes you feel any better, Bella Thorne, you're in very good company.

Just like when Miley Cyrus was called out for mimicking Hilary Duff's career back in the day — or Lady Gaga for copying Madonna, or Beyoncé for being a little too Rihanna at the Grammy Awards — Thorne has recently felt the burn of constant comparisons to other artists. However, the 16-year-old Disney Channel star swears that whatever Miley (or Selena, or Demi) is doing has had no effect on her career trajectory.

"I don't think about anything close to that," Thorne told Billboard . "I don't think, 'Well, Miley went this way, and Selena went that way, so I have to go in the middle.' That's not it. I'm just being me. My song is called 'Call It Whatever.' You can call me whatever, if you like me or not like me. I really don't care."

To be fair, it's pretty easy to see how those who can't tell their Selenas from their Demis draw these comparisons. Just like many of her Disney sisters before her, Bella is breaking out of the Mouse House with some PG-13 film roles, and a debut album that will drop later this summer. However, Thorne insists that the album will still appeal to the fans in her Disney demographic — which isn't necessarily something you can say about, you know, Miley.

" 'Call It Whatever' is my youngest-sounding song," Thorne continued. "This song is definitely for my younger audience. I don't want to eliminate them, but my album is geared a little bit older. I have some more indie type of songs, some hip-hop, some with an 80s feel, and I have dance music on there."

Sounds great — and if "We Can't Stop" comparing Bella to Miley, we'd better "Slow Down" before she takes a "Wrecking Ball" to a "Skyscraper," or something.