5SOS Change Their Name To 5 Seconds Of Ewok -- Listen To Their First Song!

'Star Wars'-obsessed boy band predict an #EWOKALYPSE.

Everyone be prepared because the Ewokalypse is upon us.

On Thursday (May 22), 5 Seconds of Summer went a little crazy and decided to pay homage to their favorite furry bipeds, the Ewoks from the "Star Wars" movies. The band transformed their Twitter account into an Ewok Village, encouraging their fans to join in the movement.

Not only did their supporters join in, they took it to the next level, changing their name from 5SOS to 5 Seconds of Ewok, and renaming members Ashton, Calum, Michael and Luke: Ewoshton, Ewalum, Ewichael and Ewuke.

We got hit by the EWOKALYPSE as well, and decided to get in on the fun. So 5SOS fans, please enjoy this mash-up of "Don't Stop" with the Ewok celebration song "Yub Nub" (from "Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi").

And we couldnt get enough of fans making some pretty impressive pictures, including one showing Ashton saving an Ewok, instead of a cat, in the "Don't Stop" video.

But it didn't end there. The 5SOS Ewok, which is now available for purchase in the band's merch store, went on quite an adventure, meeting Jack Black, pumping iron in the gym and causing a worldwide twitter trend with the hashtag #EWOKALYPSE.

In fact, the Ewok takeover got so huge the band's Wikipedia page was updated with this little fact: "As of 22 May 2014, there was a so called "Ewokalypse" on twitter, lead by 5 seconds of Ewok."

MTV News musical mash-up by Craig Flaster