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Maci Bookout And Son Bentley Master The Art Of The Knock-Knock Joke

The former 'Teen Mom' duo have a stand-up routine brewing.

Maci Bookout's son, Bentley, is a man of many talents. Not only is the bubbly 5-year-old a budding baseball star and an aspiring BMX pro, he's also got a possible future as a stand-up comedian. Better watch out, Bo Burnham!

In the Keek video below, the former "Teen Mom" duo engage in a good ol' fashioned round of riddles as Benny enjoys a cold sweet treat. "Banana," he says, after his mama asks him to tell her a joke. "No, start over," Maci instructs her boy while he takes little bites of his dessert, thus beginning a chorus of knock knocks (courtesy of Benny) and who's theres (from Maci).

Somewhere in between several "banana" and "orange" replies, Benny gets some creative inspiration.

"Strawberry," he quips with a big smile. "Strawberry earrings."

We'd be happy to have Strawberry Earrings as a house guest any day of the week.

May 21, 2014 | strawberry earrings

Photo courtesy of Maci Bookout's Twitter