These 11 Celebrity Secret Goths Make Our Black Souls Sing

Happy Goth Day!

Happy World Goth Day -- a day when the denizens of the goth scene get to celebrate their existence (by reading pertinent literature while petting cats and looking at snaps of Peter Murphy, I imagine).

In celebration of this most gloomtastic of days, MTV News would like to highlight some goths that go a little under-the-radar -- secret goths if you will.

Check out the menagerie below:

1). The New Kids On The Block

I'm not sure if Jordan Knight of New Kids On The Block actually chose to wear this Bauhaus T-shirt back in 1988 for this super-fun, black and white video shoot, but I'd like to think that he did.

Just look at that tentative smile -- somewhere between a grin and a grimace. It's almost like he's alone in a darkened room, staring into some shadow world between life and death, strewn with time's dead flowers.

The right stuff never felt so wrong.

2). Eminem

Eminem is kind of just a modern-day Edgar Allan Poe, isn't he? What with the dark narratives and flip-flopping POVs. "The Tell-Tale Heart," "Bad Guy" -- tomay-to, tomah-to.

3). Rihanna

Speaking of monsters under beds (and floorboards), Em's pal Rihanna has also been getting gothic of late -- or #GhettoGoth, to be specific. Check out her cover art for Unapologetic single, “What Now.” Can we stand under your (black) umbrella-ella, Rih?

4). This Cat

5). Louis Tomlinson

Nice Joy Division shirt, Louis. Hopefully love won't tear One Direction apart, what with all those ballads they collectively sing to Diana and that girl who doesn't know she's beautiful.

6). Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding wasn't always all "Lights." When she was a teen, the singer said: "People would call me a goth, I had long black hair which was real, I had piercings and I liked heavy metal music, and the rest of it.”

Be still my "Beating Heart."

7). And This Cat

8). Katy Perry

Perry's "Dark Horse" performance at this past Grammys was definitely more goth than her usual glitter-glam. I'm still not sure what she's daring us to do, but I'm guessing it's pick up a copy of Horace Walpole's "The Castle of Otranto."

9). Plus This Cat, Too

10). Demi Lovato

The girl ghost-hunts -- plus lives in a haunted house. PLUS spirits may or may not be following her around. Enough said.

11). Kanye West


You could say West is goth-leaning because of his deep and dark Yeezus, but I'm going to point to how sad he is while consuming ice cream to confirm his dark-dude cred.