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How Jean Ralphio Will Spend His Summer Vacation

Get, get, get that paper. (With Robert Zemeckis.)

Guess who got run over by a Lexus is going to be in Robert Zemeckis' next movie?

Yep, Jean Ralphio of "Parks and Recreation," whose earth name is Ben Schwartz, has been announced as the latest addition to the cast of Zemeckis' picture about "Man on Wire" subject Philippe Petit.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play the daring tightrope walker at the center of the film, which is being produced by TriStar Pictures. You know who else is going to be in it? Sir Ben Kingsley. Jean Ralphio is going to hang out with an actual knight this summer. Oh, and make a movie.

But, really, we can't wait to see the shenanigans Schwartz gets up to on-set.

Schwartz is also super-excited about the as-yet-untitled movie, which is kind of nice to see. The actor posted a screenshot of the casting announcement on his tumblr, flying in the face of the usual too-cool, nonchalant publicist statements confirming casting. By contrast, Schwartz is gushing that he is "beyond honored" and "can't wait to get started!"

Slow clap for Ben Schwartz, everyone.