Demi Lovato's Instagram (@ddlovato)

Demi Lovato Vs. Gene Simmons -- Whose Tongue Wins?

Kiss' frontman may have met his match at the 'American Idol' finale.

Um, so I know that this is probably classic rock sacrilege or whatever, but I think that Demi Lovato might have just out-Gene Simmons'd the Kiss frontman himself. I mean, just look at the "I Really Don't Care" singer's tongue in this selfie -- perfect form!

Demi Lovato's Instagram (@ddlovato)

The point! The triangulation of the musculature! The perfect peephole view down to the uvula -- a "view-vula," if you will.

Still, I think that Simmons has got her beat. Don't take it too hard, Demetria; he's literally had decades of practice.

The Instagram photo was taken backstage at the "American Idol" Season 13 finale last night, where Demi and the Demon were on hand to perform with the finalists.

If only Miley Cyrus had randomly been there, too. Can you imagine the Holy Tongue Trinity action they could have blessed us with? At the very least, she could have reffed this battle of the tongues.