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Pharrell Williams Calls Out Iranian President Over 'Happy' Arrests

'Free these kids,' Skateboard P tells Hassan Rouhani.

Pharrell Williams was not enthused when six young Iranians were arrested for uploading a video of themselves dancing around Tehran to his global smash "Happy."

On Tuesday, he wrote, "It is beyond sad that these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness."

Then, early Thursday morning (March 22), he challenged Iranian president Hassan Rouhani by reposting the Rouhani's tweet from June 2013 about the importance of happiness.

When a self-described fan responded that "we all have a right to be happy ... but dancing in public its against Islamic norms" -- Skateboard P had to respectfully disagree.

He added, "It comes from a pure space; not a perfect place. For those loving life and want to express the gift of the present." The debate continued with another fan who chimed in about the power of social media.

According to CNN, the six dancers have been freed, but the director of the video is still in custody.