Jennifer Lawrence on the Late Show with Seth Myers

Jennifer Lawrence Loves Harry Potter, Peeing Like A Man

From wizards to urinary aspirations in a single 'Late Night' interview.

Even if we're used to Jennifer Lawrence's bizarro confessions by now, it's still impressive how many of 'em she managed to cram into a single three-minute interview with Seth Myers.

On Wednesday night's "Late Night," Lawrence seamlessly segued from talking about her adoration for "Harry Potter" and '90s boy bands to more, er, personal territory: the big, bad brothers whose childhood shenanigans she's always discussing in interviews.

Apparently, despite J-Law's tendency to overshare about everything, there may in fact be certain events from her youth that are so scandalous, and so secret, she's been barred by her bros from talking about them. (Lawrence said that she can neither confirm nor deny, which basically means that there's definitely something, and it's definitely really bad.)

But whatever the secret thing might be, it certainly isn't the fact that she used to marvel at her brothers' ability to pee standing up, because she told Seth all about it.

"I saw my brother peeing standing up, and was like, 'Huh. Does it work the same?' " Lawrence said, then thanked the audience when they began to applaud.

Lawrence can be seen as Mystique -- who probably could pee standing up, if she wanted to, being a shape-shifter and all -- in "X-Men: Days of Future Past," in theaters May 23.