Where Did Antoinette And T-Lights' 'Catfish' Love Story Go Wrong?

Sparks flew during their first meeting, but they didn't last. Why?!

When a Redneck Heaven waitress named Antoinette told Max and Nev about her Internet crush, Albert (a.k.a. T-Lights), on tonight's "Catfish" episode, she positively beamed. The Florida-based rapper, whom she'd met on Instagram, made her smile with every sweet comment he posted and each text he sent. So, when Antoinette discovered that she was one of a select few who hadn't been duped by a mysterious online date -- and that T-Lights hadn't lied at all -- she was truly smitten. Plus, when the artist performed a song he'd written for his Insta-gal at his studio, she looked ready to melt.

Still, a month later, the duo told Nev and Max in two separate video chats that their relationship hadn't progressed beyond the first perfect date, with distance proving to be a sizable roadblock. Considering Antoinette had said early in the episode that she was prepared to start a new chapter in her life by potentially moving to the Sunshine State, it was odd that she suddenly insisted she wasn't ready to leave her family behind in Texas. And when she revealed that she was dating someone else locally, it seemed like she had all but forgotten about the musician who once gave her butterflies.

Taking into account the way the couple met, and how quickly they connected, what could have ruined this almost-success story? Did the physical distance really take its toll, or was that just a polite excuse? Is T not willing to give up the many groupies that flood his shows? Share your thoughts about tonight's episode!