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Wait, Nicki Minaj Takes HOW MANY Selfies Before She Posts?!

It numbers in the thousands. THE THOUSANDS.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, waaaaaaaaait a minute. With all our talk about Nicki Minaj‘s new single, “Pills N Potions,” we totally missed the major truth-bomb she dropped on Power 106′s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” this morning.

When asked about how many selfies she usually has to take before she finds one she likes enough to Instagram, Nicki revealed that: “You’ve got to shoot at least 2,000 selfies to get at least one [to post].” B-but, that’s so many selfies! My jaw — she has dropped. Please forward all mail to her new permanent address, THE FLOOR.

Do you know what this means? To Instagram this revealing selfie…

nicki minaj Nicki Minaj's Instagram

This duckface selfie with Rihanna

nicki minaj, rihanna Nicki Minaj's Instagram

This behind-the-back mirror selfie…

nicki minaj Nicki Minaj's Instagram

This Movie Awards selfie with her “The Other Woman” co-stars…

nicki minaj, leslie mann, cameron diaz Nicki Minaj's Instagram

And this #meta selfie right here…

nicki minaj Nicki Minaj's Instagram

…Nicki took approximately 10,000 selfies!

A moment of silence for the 9,995 that didn’t make it.

Bad at filling out bios seeks same.