Everyone In The 'X-Men' Cast Wants To Have Sex With Professor X

He'll make love to you like you want him to.

By Josh Horowitz

Maybe it was Jennifer Lawrence walking around naked all the time. Or Hugh Jackman debuting Wolverine’s bare butt when he travels back to the past. Whatever the reason, “X-Men: Days of Future Past” had us pondering weighty questions about sex, love and, yes, death.

So we decided to turn these provocative questions right back on the cast in this decidedly silly and often very illuminating game of “F--k, Marry, Kill.”

To give it a decidedly mutant-y twist, the cast was asked to ponder who among Professor X, Beast, and Wolverine they’d want to, well, you know the game. After some hemming and hawing (Hugh Jackman’s first response: “I’m so getting in trouble for this.”), we were off to the races. In the hot seat were Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage and Nicholas Hoult. Their answers may surprise you. Who knew so many people wanted to bed Charles Xavier?

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