Rita Ora’s Ski Mask Is TERRIFYING US

It might be pink with a unicorn patch, but it's still kinda scary!

Can we all just agree that seeing anyone wearing a face mask is absolutely terrifying?! Even though I know it’s just Rita Ora casually strolling the streets of London under this thing, I’m still getting all kinds of Jack the Ripper, horror-movie feels and want it to stop right now.

Someone? Anyone? PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.


I mean, pink things are usually delightful! Baby pigs, cotton candy, Mr. Bubble, Katy Perry’s hair that one time in 2011 — all of those things are absolutely adorbz, and they don’t even have a unicorn patch on ’em!

You probably think I’m overreacting — which, fair — but what if this is only the first of many face-obscuring masks for the “I Will Never Let You Down” singer? Think of all the valuable Rita beauty moments we’ll miss because she’s covered up like a bank robber — well, a bank robber with solid fashion sense.

There’s got to be someone or something I can blame for this. Beyoncé and Jay Z’s “Run” trailer? Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour ensembles? Nope, I’m looking at you, Justin Bieber’s gas mask.

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