'Awkward.' Poll: Is Tamara's 'Catfish' Prank Forgivable?

Jake was prettttty hurt that his ex stooped so low...

On "Catfish," folks often forgive online imposters who have deceived them -- after all, maybe these victims should have never been that gullible? -- so Jake can undoubtedly get over Tamara's temporary lapse of reason, rationale and morals, right?

We can't be so sure after last night's episode of "Awkward," when Tamara was accidentally outed to Jake as his fake Internet crush, Autumn San Diego. (Really, dude? Talk about GULLIBLE.)

"What could you possibly say other than you're totally insane?" Jake spat, just before reminding his ex (rather harshly) that he dumped her for a reason. Aaaaand T's dreams of piecing back together the PHHSPC (Palos Hills High School Power Couple, duh) were dashed.

What do you MEAN you don't want to get back together after I totally catfished you?

Tamara was visibly shocked, you see, because she'd hoped Jake would inevitably see no difference between her and the blonde Australian he fell for online, but her strategy didn't do much to help salvage her reputation as a controlling crazypants.

Most of you said you wouldn't be able to forgive someone for pulling a "Catfish" scheme, but what about in Jake and Tamara's case? They do have a special history, and T wasn't trying to be vindictive...

Cast your vote and find out if these two will make up and move forward on the next "Awkward."

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GIF: mtv-awkward-fan.tumblr.com