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Exclusive Premiere: Austin Mahone's New Track, 'Next To You'

Mahone's latest song from The Secret is nothing but power-pop.

Oh, what a perfect surprise. Austin Mahone just premiered his new track, "Next to You," at, and mmm yeah, it's pretty perfect.

Along with the strong *NSYNC vibes from the chorus, the whole song, off May 27's The Secret, echoes live arena power-pop. Can you just imagine bouncing at a show to this?

"No matter what you say or do, he don't really care about you/ I will, I will/ I will, I will/ Let me know," Austin sings in the chorus. "Whenever you decide to be, to never be alone, believe it/ I will, I will/ I will be next to you."

The claps, yells, churning beat and that juicy breakdown -- "let the bass kick" -- can't get it out of my head already.

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