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Does Ben Affleck's Batman Have The Blues?

He just might, according to Kevin Smith.

Ben Affleck made his Batman debut last week, appearing in a monochrome photo that publicly revealed his "Man of Steel" sequel cape, cowl and car for the very first time since he joined the cast.

By and large, fans seemed very into the look of Batfleck. But why then does it seem he has a case of the blues?

We're not talking about his emotional well-being, although that's in question as well. We're talking about the color scheme of the Batman suit — a color scheme that Kevin Smith apparently knows inside and out, having seen the Batfleck suit with his own two eyes several months ago. Here's his description, based on a recent podcast appearance (caught by Dark Horizons):

"If you want to see what this suit looks like, you just go to Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns,' go to the third book, Hunt the Dark Knight," he advised. "It's the exact outfit he's wearing. That’s why I hugged that guy all those months ago."

The costume Smith describes is a full gray bodysuit, with a cape and cowl that's black bordering on blue. Based on the description, it sounds like we're about to see one of the most comic book faithful interpretations of Batman's costume ever captured in live-action — so much so that we could get a hint of the blues to go with it.

But even if there's no blue, we can assume the Batfleck colors will be better than this:

We'll find out the full costume's color scheme when the movie comes out on May 6, 2016, or even sooner.

What do you think of Smith's description of the Batfleck suit's color scheme?