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Mac Miller Has A Super Dark Idea For A 'Lion King' Spin-Off

Pittsburgh rapper explains why the Disney classic is his all-time favorite movie.

By Maurice Bobb

Mac Milleris a bonafide cinefile. The Pittsburgh rapper has an encyclopedic knowledge of cinema, why else would he name his sophomore LP Watching Movies With The Sound Off?

But here’s something Macheads may not know: the Faces MC's all-time favorite film is an animated classic.

“I actually can make my one statement of what my favorite movie of all time is, you ready?” Mac asked XXL in a recent interview. “'Lion King,' bro.”

That’s right. The seminal Disney cartoon centered around Simba’s coming-of-age adventure to become King has all the crucial core values and life lessons, according to Mac.

“That sh-t is amazing — soundtrack, incredible, and the actual story and values it teaches a young person is f--king amazing,” he added. “For me, Lion King, that sh-t was crazy. I’ve been saying that all the music I’ve been making recently is all like that scene where the hyenas are all marching.”

The scene that troubled him the most, though, was Mufasa’s death.

“But that’s the other thing -- if you moved that into, like, a human movie scene -- that man got trampled, and this man Simba had to go up and watch his dad die,” he said. “That’s some f--ked up sh-t as a human being! If I had to see my pops get trampled by antelopes and then die? I can’t -- and then say, ‘I can’t wait to be king’ -- I would be able to wait to be king after that, you know? I’m gonna make a different f--kin’ Lion King where Simba has to watch his dad die and then goes off on a f--kin’ drug binge and he never amounts to anything because he’s just f--kin’ taking pills all the time because he couldn’t deal with it.”

Not surprisingly, Mac cries at sad movies, smiles during cheesy parts of movies, but most of all, he likes the hidden penises drawn into movies by sly illustrators.

“Hey, Disney was on some wild sh-t, bro,” he said. “Growing up, I realized every single movie I was watching was about penises. Who the f--k is making kids movies about penises? Who in their right mind? But that’s tight, because to be real, if I was making a children’s movie, I would probably try and sneak in the funny little penis drawing that nobody could see…just to be like, I [did it]."