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Nick Cannon's Son Moroccan Rats Out His Sis…In Adorable Gibberish

Anybody got a kid-to-English translator?

The Cannon clan were all smiles this past weekend when Nick and wife Mariah Carey took their beautiful twins out to enjoy some kite flying. Tragically, the family fun got derailed temporarily when one of the kids accidentally released their toy into the sky...but who dun did it?

In a series of Instagram videos the “Wild ‘N Out” star shared with fans, Dad tries to get to the bottom of the unfortunate incident, but his efforts prove futile as Moroccan and Monroe, who just turned three, are still learning to enunciate.

In the clip above, Nick's mini-me attempts to describe the situation. “Roe kite’s gone, but Roe’s sad,” Roc mumbles, before a greater string of adorable gibberish spills forth. Er, anybody got a kid-to-English translator handy?

“I love his explanation for letting his sisters' kite go,” Nick wrote with the video, revealing that Roc was, indeed, the culprit. The sneaky devil even threw his sib under the bus and blamed her for overreacting: “Roe keeps cry, but Roe not baby anymore,” (we think) he says. Let the lifetime rivalry begin!

Photo: Nick Cannon's Instagram