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Capital Cities: Katy Perry 'Begged Us' To Tour With Her

'She's a diehard fan of Capital Cities,' the band tells MTV News.

Capital Cities are primed to open for Katy Perry on her Prismatic tour this summer, a state of affairs they say was arranged by Miss Roar herself.

"She's a diehard fan of Capital Cities and kind of begged us to open for her," Sebu Simonian told MTV News at Hangout Fest this past weekend.

The appreciation, apparently, is mutual. "Of all the pop artists out there that are superstars, we think she's the best," Ryan Merchant said.

Tours with superstars aside, the guys have pretty full plates at present. Simonian told us that they're currently working on not one but two music videos -- for "One Minute More" and "I Sold My Bed But Not My Stereo."

The video for the former "involves Sea-Doos on a lake, which we discover are actually tiny little worlds inside teardrops," he said, while in the latter the duo pop a magic tape into a magic stereo at a yardsale and the "yardsale converts into a magical, glorious dance party."

I think Perry and these guys should get along swimmingly.