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Lady Gaga 'Could Be' Married With Babies in 5 Years

'In 5 years I could be. Who's to say, really?' Gaga told Extra.

Breaking news: Lady Gaga is just like us.

The "Applause" singer sat down with Extra on Monday, and revealed that when she's not traveling the world, she's just a normal girl from New York.

"I do all sorts of normal things, probably the same as everyone," Gaga said. "I go see my family. I go to my dad's restaurant in New York. I have a new puppy. I play with her."

Gaga's new French bulldog, Asia, a.k.a. BATPIG, has taken over Gaga's Instagram account (we are not complaining), with photos of her sleeping with her mom, taking pics with celebs and being all sorts of adorable.

"I always feed her. I sleep with her every night. I take her out to go to the potty," Gaga said of her pup. "It's really sweet because she's like my little friend."

But will puppies be the only thing on Gaga's brain? When asked if she could see herself married and with babies in the next five years, Gaga didn't rule it out, but isn't making any immediate plans.

"In 5 years I could be. Who's to say, really?" she said. "I don't have my life planned out in that way. I'm actually more than ever to really truly live in the moment and just enjoy this time right now."

And right now that includes her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball, which is her first tour since cancelling her Born This Way trek last year due to a severe hip injury.

"It did take a long time. It took longer than I had anticipated," Gaga said of the recovery process. "And yet I was able to get through some things pretty soon after. I would say six months after the surgery I was able to dance, but it's everyday I have to do a totally different thing with my body then I used to to keep it really healthy, but it feels really good."