Exclusive: Hear Cher Lloyd's 'Sorry I'm Late' A Week Before Its Release

The 'Sirens' singer's feels-packed album is streaming early on MTV.com.

Even though we've still got another week to go until Cher Lloyd officially drops her second studio album, Sorry I'm Late, on May 27, you can stream the entire feelings-heavy LP right now at CherLloyd.mtv.com. I know that I drop the "F" word a little too liberally from time to time -- "feelings," that is -- but trust me when I say that Cher's 11-song set might as well be titled "Journey to the Center of Your Emotional Core."

Casual fans will recognize the "X Factor" U.K. alum's signature brattitude on tracks like "I Wish" featuring T.I., "Just Be Mine," and "Dirty Love." And "M.F.P.O.T.Y." takes it to the next level -- I mean, I'll give you 10 seconds to figure out what the "M.F." stands for.

But Sorry I'm Late's emotional ballads match the album's uptempo jams note for note. Longtime Brats will really appreciate the raw vulnerability that inhabits songs like "Sweet Dispair" and "Human." Don't even get me started on "Sirens." No, seriously -- don't. I'm really trying to avoid becoming the office's resident public crier. Don't screw this up for me.

Stream Cher Lloyd's "Sorry I'm Late" at CherLloyd.mtv.com.