Five 'Challenge' Eliminations That Were Just As Heartbreaking As Camila's

Get your tissues ready.

The dreaded Cameltdown considered, Camila is one of the soundest competitors in the "Challenge" game. Since her very first outing on "Cutthroat," she's secured elimination round wins like they're obedient sheep, and proven she could go the distance, too, with a first-place finish on "Battle of the Exes." Still, on last Thursday's "Free Agents" episode, "Looper" got the best of the vet, and though she pushed herself to the point of tears, Theresa sent her packing.

As Camila took the dreaded loser's walk back to the cast's house, it was abundantly clear how much her fellow competitors respected her, and how shocked they were to witness her go down. Her tragic defeat wasn't the first the show has seen, though. Take a look back at five of the "Challenge"'s most devastating eliminations, and tell us if there's one we forgot that left you shaken!

Diem vs. Aneesa, "The Duel"

Though Aneesa promised Diem she wouldn't sentence her to The Duel, she eventually went back on her word to spare her partner-in-crime, Svetlana, from potential elimination. Diem felt totally betrayed, and though she was determined to walk away from "I Can" a winner, she couldn't lift the 150 coffee bags she'd bet she could. Like Camila, Diem pushed herself to the point of waterworks, and bellowed screams that left the cast visibly disturbed.

Derrick vs. Timmy, "Gauntlet II"

Derrick, the underdog of all underdogs, took out five of his fellow veterans (including Syrus the Goliath) en route to the end of "Gauntlet II." When he was just one step away from the final, however, he was forced to fight one last time against Timmy, and though he'd defied odds throughout the season, they just weren't in his favor in "Reverse Tug-O-War."

Luke and Evelyn vs. Paula and Jeff, "Fresh Meat II"

Nobody's hungrier for a "Challenge" win than Paula, and on "Fresh Meat II," she was determined to do Kenny's alliance proud by bringing home an Exile win against Evelyn and Luke. Though Paula fought her hardest, she couldn't get her partner, Jeff, to push himself, and when the finish line was within sight, the "Real World: Key West" alum collapsed into a puddle of tears upon seeing that Evelyn and Luke had gotten there first.

Ruthie vs. Beth, "Gauntlet II"

There are a handful of ladies who are as strong as Ruthie, but NOBODY gets as much respect. The O.G. has never backed down from a battle, no matter how daunting, but when she was forced to face off against Beth in "Reverse Tug-O-War," she, like Derrick, just couldn't compensate for the weight difference, and was yanked into failure.

Johnny and Tyler vs. Adam and CT, "Rivals"

From the beginning of "Rivals," CT and Adam seemed like a lock for the final mission, but Adam lost steam during the game's last Jungle. As he and Tyler both raced to the top of "T-Bone," Adam couldn't seem to find his footing, and watched his shot at hundreds of thousands of dollars slip away. On the bright side, at least he and CT finally found some common ground on their ways out the door.