Schwarzenegger And Devito 'Flipped Out' For 'Twins' Sequel Script

But will the movie actually get made?

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Josh Gad is becoming as prolific behind the camera as he is in front of it.

The funnyman, who charmed audiences as Olaf in "Frozen," and who will be seen in Zach Braff's new film "Wish I Was Here," has also been busy writing screenplays. And one of those is the long-awaited sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Danny DeVito comedy classic "Twins."

The sequel, called "Triplets," adds Eddie Murphy to the unlikely group of brothers. But how did the cast react to Gad's script?

"To my knowledge, they all flipped out for the final product," Gad said. "Everybody is, from my knowledge, extremely happy with it."

Gad had quite the balancing act to achieve, respecting the original movie, while writing in a brand new part for Murphy and updating the comedy for a modern audience.

"We really tried to create a movie that respected what came before it, while it took into account that comedy has changed since that time," Gad explained. "And people's expectations have to be subverted a little bit in order to reasonably do a movie about Danny Devito, Arnold Schwarzengger and Eddie Murphy being brothers."

Murphy's character posed the biggest, but most fun, challenge for Gad.

"Julius and Vincent were already kind of there for us," Gad said. "But Eddie's character for the movie is somebody that we tried to create, obviously something completely new, but something which also takes into account all our experiences, collective memories of Eddie Murphy through the years; whether it's Axel Foley or his character from 'Coming to America.' What do we want to see him doing in this world?"

Gad also watched a ton of older Eddie Murphy movies to get all his cadences right, and said the most fun part of writing the script was, "revisiting some of those great movies from the 80s that I fell in love with."

So the stars love it, the studio seems to love it, but the big question remains: will this actually get made?

"The script is sitting there, it's ready to be made," Gad told us. "It's Universal's call whether or not to make it."

Let's hope they answer the call. The world needs "Triplets."