'Teen Wolf' Stars' Perviest Fan Gifts: Panties, Foot Massages, Hairy Action Figures

The Beacon Hills boys have received some creepy prezzies from admirers.

Few MTV shows have sparked a more outspoken, devoted fan base than "Teen Wolf." Actually, we're having trouble thinking of a single one — looks like you win, #TeenWolfies! (Note to "Awkward" followers: Step it up! How's about a MattyCon?)

Three seasons deep, and the cast members -- as well as the characters they play -- regularly receive marriage proposals, not to mention artistic tributes, like that memorial song for Allison Argent that made us blow snot-bubbles, or the numerous arrow tattoos sketched in her memory. Add to that the constant storyline debates and a slew of Etsy craftables, and we've got ourselves a bona fide army of loyal worshipers.

So, it's not surprising that many of them would shower the series' actors with gifts. The types of gifts some have offered, however, are a little suspect.

From FedExed panties to a miniature Scott McCall doll rockin' real nipple hair, check out the clip below to hear what the gang has to say about their favorite fan prezzies. Dylan O'Brien basically takes the words right out of our mouths: "Sometimes fans are way more creative than I could ever be, which is really cool because it inspires me."

+ If you were to give a "Teen Wolf" cast member anything under the sun, what would it be? Leave us a comment (and a gift, if you're so inclined.)