Watch Every Celeb In The World Congratulate One Journalist's Fiancée

A journalist enlisted his celebrity interviewees to give his wife an extra-special wedding day.

Joe Michalczuk is a reporter for London's Sky News, and generally speaking, an ordinary dude. But his wedding featured cameos by no less than fifteen movie stars - not to mention two Muppets! - thanks to this fabulously creative video that he made as a gift for his wife.

Michalczuk, who interviews lots of celebrities as part of his duties as a film critic, enlisted more than a dozen of his subjects to deliver a message to bride-to-be Jenny. The resulting video features Zac Efron, Emma Stone, Samuel L. Jackson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, and other major Hollywood stars all wishing their best to the happy couple - except in the case of Hugh Jackman, whose heartfelt advice to the bride made for a very funny conclusion. Here's to Joe, Jenny, and their happily-ever-after.

Unless Joe's first choice Miss Piggy becomes available, in which case... well, it's only cheating if you do it with a person, right? Muppets totally don't count.