See Why Ryan Gosling Just Made The Cannes Film Festival 1000% Better

Everything is Gosling, and nothing hurts.

It's not that there was anything wrong with the Cannes Film Festival before; it is a celeb-studded cinematic extravaganza in the beautiful south of France, after all.

But let's be honest: Something was missing. Something essential. Something sensitive, charming, and handsome, with the face of an angel and the surname of an infant goose. And now, at last, Ryan Gosling has arrived at Cannes - where his directorial debut, "Lost River," will premiere. And the world can rejoice, because of reasons. Why is Gosling's presence so important?

Because the sun shines brighter when he's around.

Because dude can really accessorize.

Because awwww, cuddling.

Because even when all eyes are on him, Gosling's eyes are on the prize... or a bird, maybe, or a flying bug.

Because he looks like a proud papa, posing with the cast of "Lost River."

Because seriously, we just can't with these two.

And because when you look into the eyes of Ryan Gosling, the eyes of Ryan Gosling also look back at you.

SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE: Ryan's arrival in Cannes was so magical, we have now captured it in comic-book form: