Lena Headey's Instagram Might Have Confirmed A Major 'Game Of Thrones' Plot Twist

If this isn't some sneaky genius, then it's one crazy coincidence.

Ooooh, Lena Headey. We see what you did there, you sneaky minx.

Back in April, the actress who plays Cersei Lannister on HBO's "Game of Thrones" quietly instagrammed what could be an absolutely enormous tease for one of the series' biggest plot twists — only it was so subtle, and so sneaky, that it took the internet an entire month to be like, "WAIT. Did she just...?"

Yes, yes she did.

It goes without saying that the coming paragraphs contain spoilers, or at least heavy insinuation, for those who've read the books. (For those who haven't, the implications of Headey's photo will likely be lost on you.)

The picture in question? A pile of stones in a certain, significant shape; and a pile of stones with a certain, significant caption.

Without giving too much away, let's just say that this stone heart likely heralds the arrival of one of the series' most-anticipated characters — or the return of one of its most beloved, depending upon your point of view. Either way, one thing is for certain: The Lannisters should likely be quivering in their little Westerosian booties right now... and we should all be bracing ourselves for an absolutely terrifying finale.

"Game of Thrones" (and a certain someone, maybe, possibly) will be back with a new episode on June 1.