Watch Jimmy Fallon And Terry Crews Put Their Nipples Perfectly In Synch

The 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' actor and 'Tonight Show' host, together in perfect harmony.

What is "nip synching"? No, no, don't ask; just sit back, and let this mesmerizing pectoral ballet from The Tonight Show be your guide.

Featuring exquisitely muscled "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star Terry Crews and the disembodied head of Jimmy Fallon (digitally attached to the gleaming torso of a ripped mystery man), their nipple-twitching rendition of the classic Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder hit "Ebony and Ivory" is a multi-sensory feast. And Crews, whose impressive resume already included entries for NFL player, actor, and Old Spice spokesman, can now add an entry for "pectoral choreography expert."