'16 And Pregnant' Poll: Can Tony Step It Up For His Family's Sake?

Karley's husband made some selfish decisions -- can he learn to put his loved ones first?

By Leslie Simon

On tonight’s episode of “16 and Pregnant,” we met Karley, an academic overachiever who was forced to put her college plans on hold upon finding out she was expecting TWINS with her boyfriend, Tony. After news of the pregnancy sunk in, Karley and Tony got married and moved into her parents’ house, much to the dissatisfaction of the young dad-to-be.

Throughout Karley’s pregnancy, Tony grumbled about his living conditions, and though his complaining seemed to stop once Amariah and Amayah were born — mostly because he and his wife were so busy taking turns feeding, burping and changing the babies' diapers — it wasn’t long before he started venting about how much he hated not having his own space (one particular fight with his mother-in-law, Cindy, turned into a verifiable screaming match). But all hell really broke loose when Tony dropped his family’s entire savings on a used truck...that only sat three people.

“I can’t just go out and spend a bunch of money on something I want,” Karley said upon hearing about Tony's purchase. “I’ve given up basically everything. Whenever I do anything, I take into consideration our family and our babies.”

Tony insisted that if he made the money, then he could decide how to spend it -- and Karley could get her own job if she objected. But Karley explained that it would be impossible given their current situation for her to bring in an additional paycheck.

Karley didn’t ever think she’d have to depend so much on Tony and her parents, which made her feel like a burden, although it did help her mature faster than a lot of girls her age.

“The hardest part is that, not only do I have to constantly take the babies into consideration, but I constantly have to take Tony into consideration,” she said, shortly after he revealed his plans to sell the truck. “It’s hard. It’s a lot of responsibility. It frustrates me because since we became parents, I’ve grown up, but he hasn’t grown up. I have to understand [Tony’s] still a teenager, and even though I’ve matured, he hasn’t.”

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