'Faking It' Poll: Why Did Liam Back Off When Karma Finally Said Yes To Sex?

WTF!? All of a sudden the Hester High stud went from hot to cold.

Karma and Liam's up-and-down, back-and-forth, sexually-charged relationship has been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster ever since the pretend-lesbian caught the eye of the school's biggest stud. If they could only be honest with each other, something real could potentially come out of this secret romance, but then again...the show's called "Faking It."

While Karma continues to convince everyone -- including her own parents -- that she's dating her BFF, Amy, she's been trying to land her male crush on the side, but her grand plan ain't working out so well. Let us review:

First, the Hester High students shared a romantic kiss that left the bubbly brunette hungry for more, but then she realized that the BMOC was just in the market to have sex with a lesbian — and didn’t have feelings for her, specifically. She eased off, yet Liam quickly charmed his way back into her heart, and they almost knocked boots in the backseat. At the last second, Karma came to her senses and cut the moment short, making a beeline outta the car and back to her best pal.

Then, on last week's episode, the hunky artist opened up to Karma about his complicated family history, and shared that she had no reason to be jealous of the mysterious girl at the "Occupy Hester" protest, because it was his sister. Karma then confided in Liam that her parents never really understood her until she came out (oh, the irony), and that she was worried they now think her sexual orientation is her most intriguing attribute. "It isn't the most interesting thing about you," Liam assured her as she walked away from him in the art room (their preferred secret rendezvous spot). And that hit the spot jusssst right... cue the kissing and heavy breathing! "I'm ready," Karma whispered as she began to undress him. But Liam suddenly got cold feet (dude, really?), leaving Karma totally rejected and dejected.

Until this point, Liam's been the one trying to go all the way, but now he's resisting Karma's advances. Could it be that he's developing romantic feelings for her? Or, maybe his conscience is simply kicking in? Sound off!

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