Beyonce, Solange And Jay Z Took A Happy Family Photo Because What Controversy?

Check out the Carter-Knowles family reunion in New Orleans.

Apparently, I didn’t feel bad enough about the hungover nothingness that was my Saturday morning, because Beyoncé has shared photos from a mini-family reunion that went down this past weekend at Solange‘s home in New Orleans. Though her ways be mysterious, I will learn from this shame. Amen.

And the “Pretty Hurts” singer and her little sister weren’t alone. Bey’s husband, Jay Z, was in attendance along with their daughter, Blue Ivy, and Solange brought her son, Julez, and her director boyfriend Common Alan Ferguson. Even the Knowles family matriarch, Queen Tina herself, #blessed the city of New Orleans with her presence.

So what if the photos were shared on Beyoncé.com and Instagram partially in response to the elevator-video controversy? Those smiles are too warm to be insincere — not even the legendary acting talents behind this “Run” trailer could manufacture those grins. All in all, it looks like the Knowles-Carter family had the kind of weekend get-together that I can only aspire to. First step: Wake up before noon this Saturday.

Sears Portrait Studio, who?

beyonce, solange, jay z, tina knowles

Dying over the thought of Tina Knowles going all “parent with a camera” on her daughters.

beyonce, solange

If Julez runs back with three baseball mitts I’m gonna cry.

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Cameo from perfect bb angel Blue Ivy, heaven-sent to deliver us from lesser bb angels.

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Bad at filling out bios seeks same.