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Jack Johnson's Hangout Fest Set's The Most Relaxing Thing You'll Watch Today

Watch him perform 'Good People,' 'Better Together,' and more in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Has today been a tough day? Did that one rando cut in front of you on the highway? Did that fast-food joint totally forget to drop a packet of honey mustard in your bag? Does everybody just, like, not get it, man? Shhhh, calm yourself, for Jack Johnson's live performance videos of "Do You Remember," "Better Together," and "Good People" from Hangout Music Festival 2014 this past weekend will wash all your worries away.

The three songs, taken from the folk-rock singer/songwriter's 2005 album, In Between Dreams, seem tailor-made for a night on the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. Ugh, Hangout Fest, TAKE ME BACK. I'm not ready to face the outside world again.

Jack Johnson, "Do You Remember"

Jack Johnson, "Better Together"

Jack Johnson, "Good People"

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